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  1. Patient is seen by the doctors in the OPD/ Emergency and advises the patient for admission in ward/room/ICU depending upon the condition of the patient.
  2. Patient is directed to the respective department for the admission.
  3. Ward Incharge/ Duty Nurse attends the patient and allots suitable bed to the patient.
  4. Ward Incharge/ Duty Nurse makes Indoor file of the patient. Fill the patient’s consent form and after telling them the purpose and meaning of the form, get it signed by the patient’s relatives.
  5. Patient attended is directed to IPD Registration window for deposit of advance and computerised IPD registration.
  6. OPD admitted cases are seen in normal round of consultants.
  7. Patient is briefed about routine, rules and regulation of ward, about availability of utility items, medicines from where to avail.
  8. Consultant orders discharge on morning or evening round.

  1. Duty doctor / Ward Incharge on advice from the consultant prepares discharge summary and final bill.
  2. Discharge summary/file checked by Ward Incharge/staff.
  3. Ward Incharge/staff prepares the bill.
  4. Patient/Attendant is informed of bill being ready and shown the bill. Any other clarifications / doubts regarding the bill are cleared.
  5. Patient / Attendant deposit the amount due at the cash counter.
  6. Final bill is generated, checked and stamped. Cash receipt is sent to the ward by Counter Clerk.
  7. On receipt of the case file from billing counter, the incharge / staff completes the entries in the discharge register.
  8. Discharge Card and copy of all investigation reports, films and copy of bill are handed over to the patient / attendant.
  9. Nurse on duty explains the discharge summary / treatment advice on discharge to the patient / attendant.
  10. Patient shows the discharge card at the main gate to the security and leaves the hospital.
  11. Patient documented file is sent to MRD Deptt.

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