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  1. Patient arrives at Hospital
  2. If patient is disabled or not able to walk or move, hospital has facility of wheel chair/stretchers which is available from wheel chair/ stretchers bay.
  3. Patient/Patient Attendant should get the OPD Registration from registration window.
  4. Computerised OPD Registration Slip is generated
  5. Patient Pays the OPD Registration Charges and gets the OPD Registration Slip.
  6. Patient goes to the doctors chamber for the consultation
  7. Patient submits the OPD Registration Slip to the Doctor Attendant alongwith past history of treatment.
  8. Doctor Attendant informs the patient the estimated waiting time, i.e., for how much time they have to wait for their turn to come. Patient is asked to sit in the waiting area and wait for his turn
  9. When the patient’s turn comes to be examined by the doctor, doctor attendant calls the name of patient.
  10. Patients enter the Doctor chamber for the Consultation.
  11. If the doctor advises the patient for X-Ray, ECG, TMT, dressing, minor surgeries etc, and requisition form is filled by OPD Attendant and patient is guided to relevant department/ room.
  12. Doctor advises next date for follow-up check-up and the patient is guided to pharmacy by OPD Attendant for purchase of medication advised by the doctor.

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